Adventure awaits.


After graduating University in 2015 as a Physiotherapist I have spent the last two years working in Aged Care and the Community with geriatric populations. There have been many fulfilling and rewarding aspects of my job however it has also been a driving factor for my desire to quit the daily grind and not conform to Australia’s “9 – 5” working culture. Each day I spent at work, I was engaging and speaking with elderly people who would spend the majority of their time reminiscing on their younger years and yearning to have that time back again.  Repeatedly they would state how they wished they were fitter and healthier. They wished they could run again, swim in the ocean, play sports, go camping or particularly, travel overseas. This sparked the question inside of me “am I wasting these younger years of my life?”. I was constantly willing away and counting down each day as one more day closer to the weekend. The weekends were always filled with adventures, possibility, activity, experiences, family and friends and happiness! I wondered, if I reached their age in the future, would I look back on this time of my life and regret not utilizing my health and youth to the best of my ability? With this in mind, I decided to take time off full time work and instead travel overseas for the next twelve months, to live a life where every day counts. To experience new places and meet new faces, to learn about different cultures and their way of live, to gain perspective and a better understanding of the world we live in, to challenge myself and of course, to continue to fill up the pages in my passport!

After many months of saving and planning, the time has finally come – to live a life full of adventure. My boyfriend Blake and I have bought a 1994, T4 Volkswagen Westfalia California which will be our home for the next year. It’s red and named Rover. We intend to travel all over in red rover. 


Foreigner Faz. 




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