DIY coffee scrub.

D48B18B3-0F47-412A-B7B2-AECD6D3F7741.jpgAfter several months on the road a hot shower has now become a luxury not an everyday event. Although we live in a van, Blake and I still live up to our “clean freak” personas for the most part and try to clean off everyday. When travelling on the coastline it’s incredibly easy  as we spend our days swimming in the ocean and have the ability to rinse off with a cold beach shower. Locations further inland are a little bit more tricky however we generally try to seek out fresh water lakes and if that fails, we’ve always got the faithful water bottle over the head trick or scented baby wipes on hand. Safe to say we look forward to hot showers and jump right in at any chance we get!

Nothing beats the feeling of a long hot steamy shower to leave you feeling fresh. Wanting to give our skin a little extra love I created this simple DIY coffee scrub using ingredients we already had in the van so when we do get the opportunity to have a hot shower we can make it extra special. It’s a great natural exfoliant which helps to remove impurities and get rid of any nasty pollutants or dead skin cells.

Good for the environment and good for you. It leaves your skin feeling vibrant and smelling delicious! I highly recommend giving it a go.


  • fresh coffee grinds (we use a small coffee percolator to brew our daily caffeine dose each morning. I collect the used coffee grinds over 3 days).
  • sugar, 3 tablespoons (when we have espressos out at cafes they generally serve with a side sachet of sugar. I don’t add sugar to my coffee and being a budget traveller I instead pocket it and save it for later use). 
  • olive oil, 2 table spoons.
  • coconut oil, 1 handful (this can be substituted with coconut body wash if you don’t have coconut oil on hand or don’t like the feel of coconut oil on your skin). 


  1. Combine all ingredients together in an air tight jar or container.
  2. Lather scrub on to wet skin (face, neck and body) when in the shower, massage gently and then rinse well.
  3. Use weekly.

Enjoy x

One thought on “DIY coffee scrub.

  1. I can only say what a beautiful bloody tour you are both on. The photos you have taken are just so beautiful. I just can’t say any more you both so lucky to have decided to do this these sights will be embedded in your brain forever. Good luck and enjoy.


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